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Prof. Dr. Faisal Mustafa

Prof. Dr. Faisal Mustafa
Head, Business & Computing School, Ravensbourne University, UK

Prof. Faisal Mustafa has a distinguished 22-year international career, holding esteemed positions such as Vice Chancellor, Provost, Dean of Business School, Head of Department, Professor, Data Scientist, BI Consultant, and Lead Researcher. His academic journey includes obtaining a PhD from the University of Huddersfield, UK, and a Postgraduate Higher Education Teaching qualification from the University of Essex, UK. Throughout his career, Prof. Faisal Mustafa has served as a Senior Faculty Member, Quality Assurance Reviewer, and Chair in prestigious institutions across the United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar, and Pakistan, showcasing exemplary achievements in higher education, industrial collaboration, and administration.

He leads a research thematic group in this domain, conducting extensive studies across different research areas, notably in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship. His tech expertise spans Strategic Innovation in Technology Ventures, Expert Systems, Decision-Making Systems for Businesses, and Stock Exchanges. Faisal’s impactful contributions include the development and implementation of OSPG (Optimal Synthesis Plan Generation) and Preference Plus Planning (PPP-XPLAN) algorithms, widely adopted and utilized in industry settings. Furthermore, through his initiative in bringing together university researchers, he assumes a focal role in advancing Business Intelligence. His integration of machine learning models to refine associative classification data mining search algorithms plugins enables the creation of bespoke, profitable solutions tailored to meet businesses’ specific needs.

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