The newly appointed Ombudsperson, Punjab, Mrs. Rukhsana Gillani has assumed the charge on 19th April 2018. She is an eminent proponent of socio-economic empowerment of the women to enhance their role in national development of Pakistan. She believes that female participation in economic activities will harbinger a social evolution and create an environment in which the rights of women will be better secured. For achieving this objective, a conducive and safe workplace has to be created where women can utilize their potential for personal and national growth with peace of mind and confidence.Mrs. Rukhsana Gillani belongs to Audit and Accounts Group of Pakistan and has a career spanning over three decades in public service. She remained posted at various executive posts and has made valuable contributions towards improving transparency in utilization of public sector resources. She plans to strengthen the role of this office in making institutional arrangements for foolproof safety of respect and dignity of women employees.